Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love breakfast.  It doesn't matter the time of day.  Breakfast is, by far, my favorite meal.  Waffles are my favorite food.  They have been since, well, forever.  My favorite breakfast memories are getting home way late from a rodeo with my dad.  While I was putting my horse away, my dad always made the two of us a fried egg sandwich.  We would then sit up and talk about ways for me to improve for the next rodeo.  Breakfast is simply awesome!

Mav doesn't think so.  To him, breakfast is only a morning meal.  10:29 AM is breakfast time.  10:30, lunch!  In five years of marriage, I have only made him eat breakfast for dinner, maybe five times. 

However, third year stopped all that.  I never knew when Mav would get home.  Some days it was four.  Others it was seven.  This crazy third year schedule wasn't working well but I tried to make it work.  I would hold off dinner as long as possible.  Squeak would eat a million fruit snacks while waiting for Mav.  I remember one night, Squeak was about to eat the million and one fruit snack and it was almost 6:30.  I broke.  I busted out breakfast.  Mav showed up at 6:40, just as dinner was being served.  He was weary of it and looked at me, "Breakfast?"  YES!  Breakfast!

My rule now: if Mav isn't home at five, he's YO-YO.  You're on your own!  

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