Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Lifeline

Lifeline: support that enables people to survive or to continue doing something

My lifeline, my phone.

Lately, I have been wearing the battery dead.  I didn't use to.  I didn't have to charge my phone for days.  That changed about two weeks ago.  I realized I need to talk to people.

Before third year, I could talk to just Mav and be fine.  Occasionally, I needed to engage in girl talk.  But for the most part, I was fine with just Mav.  But now he's not home as often.  And I still need to talk.

I'm so happy we live in the age of technology.  I'm even more happy that I don't get charged for long distance (or at least, I don't think I do.)  And I'm sooo happy to have such goods friends and family that I can call and chat with whenever.

I would have gone absolutely crazy without my phone these past couple weeks.  

What's your lifeline?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OB Talk

Mav is on the OB rotation.  They have lunch conferences.  Last week, they were talking about yearly pelvic exams for women.

TEACHER:  How many of you are married?
Hands raised including Mav.
TEACHER:  How many of you go to your wives' yearly appointments?
A couple hands raised including Mav.
TEACHER:  How many of stay in the room while your wife is being examined?
MAV:  Last time, I did the exam...

The students and teacher laugh.

STUDENT:  He's joking, right?
STUDENT WHO KNOWS MAV:  No.  He's serious. 

Seriously.  Mav did do my pelvic exam last year.  One of my doctors suggested he learn on me first compared to some random standardized patient.  Whatever.  It's not the first time I've been his guinea pig. 

And more seriously, Mav will never pass up a chance like that to make everyone laugh.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jump on the Bandwagon

When we were thinking of where to apply for medical school, I came home from work to find Mav on the computer.  He had two internet pages up.  One was a list of medical schools and the other was Major League Baseball teams.  I laughed and told Mav, "We are not making our selection based on where teams are."  We ended up in St Louis, home of the Cardinals. 

We first hated everything about St Louis.  It is the exact opposite of our hometowns.  But St Louis has grown on me, or at least the Cardinals have made St Louis bearable for the two of us.

Mav is Mariners fan.  I am a Red Sox fan.  But we are alarmingly close to becoming official Cardinal fans.  We went to Game Four of the National League Wild Card Series.  We paid 100 bucks to go.  It was worth every penny.  We were on our feet with the rest of the stadium, nearly the whole game.  Now, they're in the Division Series.  We have tickets to Game Five on Friday night.  I didn't even blink at the $220 price tag.  We are totally stoked.  And I have completely jumped on the bandwagon.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Embrace What's Good

It's been beautiful here.  It's 80 degrees.  Perfect!

Our old home is beautiful too.  However, it's snowing there. Right now.

Yeah.  Whenever I start to miss our old home, I realize that I would be wearing my winter coat.  Ick.  I would be shoveling my own driveway because Mav isn't around to do that.

So, today, I am embracing the good life of living somewhere away from home.  A somewhere that is warm and beautiful.  A place where I have zero thoughts of packing away my shorts and flip-flops for the season.  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love breakfast.  It doesn't matter the time of day.  Breakfast is, by far, my favorite meal.  Waffles are my favorite food.  They have been since, well, forever.  My favorite breakfast memories are getting home way late from a rodeo with my dad.  While I was putting my horse away, my dad always made the two of us a fried egg sandwich.  We would then sit up and talk about ways for me to improve for the next rodeo.  Breakfast is simply awesome!

Mav doesn't think so.  To him, breakfast is only a morning meal.  10:29 AM is breakfast time.  10:30, lunch!  In five years of marriage, I have only made him eat breakfast for dinner, maybe five times. 

However, third year stopped all that.  I never knew when Mav would get home.  Some days it was four.  Others it was seven.  This crazy third year schedule wasn't working well but I tried to make it work.  I would hold off dinner as long as possible.  Squeak would eat a million fruit snacks while waiting for Mav.  I remember one night, Squeak was about to eat the million and one fruit snack and it was almost 6:30.  I broke.  I busted out breakfast.  Mav showed up at 6:40, just as dinner was being served.  He was weary of it and looked at me, "Breakfast?"  YES!  Breakfast!

My rule now: if Mav isn't home at five, he's YO-YO.  You're on your own!  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Words


I know my neighbors (who are now first year residents) told me to enjoy the first two years.  But I don't believe they really warned me.  They told me, but they didn't send me a statement that indicates a possible or impending danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation.  They should have stood with a bright, flashing sign jumping and screaming at me, "Third year bites."  Now that's a warning.  

Mav is on OB.  He got home around 5:30 last night.  Studied.  Ate some dinner.  Helped put Squeaks to bed.  Studied some more before getting ready for bed himself.  

Today, was the first time in weeks that I woke up with Mav next to me.  But he left at 11:45 to get to work.  He'll be gone until about 11:30 tonight.  

Aside from naps, I won't be getting my me-time.  I'm pretty sure Squeaker will be watching a movie or two during the days, so I can study for my own schoolwork.