Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jump on the Bandwagon

When we were thinking of where to apply for medical school, I came home from work to find Mav on the computer.  He had two internet pages up.  One was a list of medical schools and the other was Major League Baseball teams.  I laughed and told Mav, "We are not making our selection based on where teams are."  We ended up in St Louis, home of the Cardinals. 

We first hated everything about St Louis.  It is the exact opposite of our hometowns.  But St Louis has grown on me, or at least the Cardinals have made St Louis bearable for the two of us.

Mav is Mariners fan.  I am a Red Sox fan.  But we are alarmingly close to becoming official Cardinal fans.  We went to Game Four of the National League Wild Card Series.  We paid 100 bucks to go.  It was worth every penny.  We were on our feet with the rest of the stadium, nearly the whole game.  Now, they're in the Division Series.  We have tickets to Game Five on Friday night.  I didn't even blink at the $220 price tag.  We are totally stoked.  And I have completely jumped on the bandwagon.


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