Sunday, October 16, 2011

OB Talk

Mav is on the OB rotation.  They have lunch conferences.  Last week, they were talking about yearly pelvic exams for women.

TEACHER:  How many of you are married?
Hands raised including Mav.
TEACHER:  How many of you go to your wives' yearly appointments?
A couple hands raised including Mav.
TEACHER:  How many of stay in the room while your wife is being examined?
MAV:  Last time, I did the exam...

The students and teacher laugh.

STUDENT:  He's joking, right?
STUDENT WHO KNOWS MAV:  No.  He's serious. 

Seriously.  Mav did do my pelvic exam last year.  One of my doctors suggested he learn on me first compared to some random standardized patient.  Whatever.  It's not the first time I've been his guinea pig. 

And more seriously, Mav will never pass up a chance like that to make everyone laugh.

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