About Us

Meet me, Andrea!   Just another crazy med wife...
I am the wifey of a fourth year med student.  I am the mamma of our beautiful baby girl.

I am a country girl! I love everything about it.  I collect John Deere anything.  I am Chris LeDoux's biggest fan.  I dream of hunting a trophy elk.  I am a has-been-rodeo-queen and a barrel racing junkie.  One day, I will graduate with a degree in agricultural communications.

My favorites include: a good book, cheesecake, The Little Mermaid and Sweet Home Alabama,  Josh Lucas, the History Channel, chunky jewelry, the Boston Red Sox and skyping with my fam.

Meet the med student, code name: Maverick.
Mav is a fourth year medical student, a hubby and daddy too.

He is an ESPN junkie.  Loves practically any sport but tennis and soccer.  He lives and dies with baseball.  Hates anything New York, especially the Yankees.

He majored in Botany with a minor in chemistry.  Played some college baseball, catcher and center field.  Hit a lot of home runs but is most proud of hitting a grand salami.  If the medical school thing didn't work out, his back up plan was to be a golf course superintendent.  He scored 244 on Step 1 and on Step 2, a 269!  He's a genius.

Mav's favorites include: Mexican food, Field of Dreams, and Top Gun, the Seattle Mariners St Louis Cardinals, the color blue, wake boarding and snow boarding, baseball, baseball, and some golf.

Our paths crossed around Christmas of 2005.  He kissed me the night we met.  From then on, we were inseparable.  The rest is history.  But here is our life events, in bullet form.  Hurray for bullets!

  • Proposed June 15th.  I didn't realize he was proposing.  I cussed.  Then said yes!
  • Married September 21st.  Happy day!! 

  • Lived married life in complete bliss.  Medical school was on the back burner.  
  • Started MCAT preparation class in January.  Classes were Monday, Tuesday, Thursday in addition to studying independently plus undergrad work.  
  • Took MCAT in May.  Mav totally rocked it.  Started prep work for applications; the most grueling process we will ever endure.   And the most expensive. 
  • Started interviews.  Interviewed at Saint Louis University, University of Utah, then Ohio State, all in September.  We were stoked!
  • Got accepted to SLU on the first day schools could extend acceptances.  A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders.  
  • January.  I'm late.  I'm so tired.  Peed on a stick.  It was positive!!  
  • Announce to our families that we're expecting at Super Bowl.  They're thrilled!
  • Receive a letter from our state school that we're declined, completely.  I dubs not to tell our families we are moving.  
  • Interview at Kentucky University in February.  Then blow off Loma Linda.  Find out we're on waiting list at Ohio State.   
  • Mav graduates from undergrad in May.  Receives student of the year award in the botany department.  
  • July 29th.  Pack up.  Mav and Papi-in-law drive 1,300 miles to our new home.  I fly because I'm 34 weeks pregnant and my OB doesn't want me sitting in a U-Haul for three days.  
  • August 1st.  White Coat Ceremony.  I'm officially on the road to being a doctor's wife. 
  • September 16th.  Baby's due date.  No baby though.  
  • September 21st.  Doc starts me.  Should have baby soon, hopefully.  Especially since Mav has an anatomy test on the 24th.  
  • September 23rd.  Finally.  A baby arrives via emergency c-section at 6:53 am.  6 lbs 12 oz, 19 in.   

  • Mav does research over the summer.  
  • I go crazy, literally.  Doctor's diagnosis was postpartum depression.
  • Start second year in August.  It rocks!  Mav watches class via the internet at home.    
  • Maverick starts studying for Step 1.  Takes it in May.  He rocks it.  244!
  • Third year starts.  Two words: it bites!  
  • Mav started surgery.  And that sucked!
  • Visited home for three weeks.  Mav studied for Step 2.  
  • July.  Fourth year starts.  So excited!  
  • Got Step 2 score back.  Even more excited! 269!!  269!!
  • Did away rotations.  Loved the first one and hated the second one. 
I blog because I need to.  This is for me, mostly.  Sometimes, I need to vent.  I have some stories that only a med wife will get, and sometimes find humorous.  I plan to blog it all.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  <Insert Clint Eastwood movie music here>
And hopefully, maybe, this will help another med wife along the way.  Fellow med wives are few and far between, but we are not alone and we have survived this journey.  
My goal, is to one day look back and remember these days with a fondness, appreciation and a great sense of accomplishment.