Monday, May 14, 2012

Sick Squeaks

Last Thursday, Squeaks and I had an uneventful day.  We didn't do much.

Squeaks was pretty whiny.  Typical two year old, right?  I didn't think much about it.

Thursday night, is Big Bang night.  Mav and I are crazy about The Big Bang Theory.  We love it!  Squeaks loves it too.  She gets up and dances with the theme song.  When we settled down to watch it and the song came on, Squeaks didn't move.  Instead she crawled up onto the couch and put her head in my lap.  She has never done that.  Ever.  My child is not cuddly.  That night she was though.  She wanted to share my blanket.  My hand had to be just right on her cheek.  If I moved my hand, she screamed.  Then I noticed she had goosebumps.

It was kinda neat to watch Mav shift right into doctor mode.  He grabbed his stethoscope and borrowed our neighbor's ear-looker-inner-thingy and went to work.  She had a temperature of 102.9.  Actually, it was 103.9 because you add a degree when you check a temp in the armpit.  I forgot about that.  Good thing I have an almost-doctor around.

So Squeaks had something.  Mav concluded a visit to the ER or the doctor the next day wasn't worthwhile.   She didn't have a cough, a rash, no ear infection that he could tell, maybe she had a sore throat.  Her temp went down a couple degrees with Tylenol.  She was fine, she felt crummy, but she was fine. 

I think, for the most part, I'm going to like having a doctor in my house.  It just might come in handy.

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