Sunday, January 1, 2012


I’m mad. 

I caught some news today.  It’s a rare thing.  I don’t like the news here in St Louis. It’s depressing.  There was a shooting here today and a murder there.  I don’t watch it.  It’s depressing. 

So I caught a glimpse of a story about the presidential race.  It’s getting interesting.  The Iowa caucus is just around the corner.  The republican candidates are trying to convince folks to vote for them.  Nothing out of the ordinary for a candidate on the campaign trail, right? 

But one part infuriated me!  Mitt Romney attended an evangelical church today.  I’m sure you’ve heard that his religious preference is a big deal to a lot of people.   A person was interviewed following Romney’s visit.  This young man was asked if he’d vote for Romney.  “No,” he said.  He was asked why; “Because he’s a Mormon.”

This is completely ridiculous!!  Does the Constitution of the United States of America not protect your rights to worship as you please?  Does it not guarantee the separation of church and state?  Why are people so worried about Romney being in office?  Why are they not extending this grand right to him?  Who cares what religion he practices, or doesn’t practice?  It’s his right.  It’s his business.  It’s a right that is protected by our government.

We should be looking at the bigger issues that will affect us, people!  For instance, how are we going to get out of this mess of an economy?  What is going to be done about our failing health care system?  Immigration is a big deal.  Is the war against terrorism ever going to end? 

Personally, I don’t care if our next president is black or white; man or woman; raised Mormon or raised Muslim or nothing at all; if he’s a doctor or a lawyer or comes from humble roots.  I want someone who has a real plan to get the United States back on track.  Because people, we are on a very slippery path to somewhere not good. 

Take a look at this video I found.  I feel it applied just as much then as it does now.  It’s so odd that sometimes history repeats itself but I’m hoping that it doesn’t.

Now.  If you're interested in my opinion, feel free to read on below.  But remember this is MY opinion.  I don't speak for any candidate.  It's just my ideas and I'm putting them out there.  
Read it at your own risk.  
I’m a fan of Romney.  I think I'm going to buy myself a Romney shirt, bumper sticker and yard sign.  He is a very, very smart guy and everyone should seriously listen to what he has to say, along with the other candidates.  

He's a very, very smart man.  He’s a business man.  He knows how to make money; he’s worth a lot of money himself.  His job actually entails him fixing other businesses to help them make more money.  He fixes things that are broke.  Doesn’t that sound like something familiar?  Like our economy.  Did you know that he turned around the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics?  It was so messed up with the bribery scandal.  They brought him in to fix everything about it, from the negative publicity it was receiving to the budget problems.  And boy did he fix it!  Most Olympics leave their hosting cities in serious debt from building new venues and what not.  The Salt Lake Olympics did not go into the negative.  Actually, it made money!!  It was the first Olympic Games to ever make money.  EVER!  I find that very impressive.  And our economic situation is most important to me, right now.  It affects everyone I know. 

There have been little things that have impressed me about Romney.  A comment a few months ago had me shouting “YES!”  He was asked about our economy and who is affected by it most.  He said he’s not worried about the rich people because they’re rich or the poor people because they can usually receive government assistance.  It’s the middle class that he is worried about.  It’s so true!  I have a close friend whose husband was laid off from his job.  It was a nice job and the one he planned to be with for a while.  They had enough in savings to take care of their bills; their house and car payments and a little extra.  But my friend went into to get help through food stamps or W.I.C.  She was turned away because their family made too much.  Really?  Even though her husband was out of a job and might not be able to feed their infant daughter they couldn’t qualify for help.  How messed up is this?  Some people can practically live on government assistance for their whole lives doing nothing but those who try to take care of themselves can’t get it when they need it.  Luckily, he was able to find a job not long after.  Romney has a good point.  It’s the middle class that needs breaks too!  

The thing about him being a flip-flopper I don’t agree with.  He’s just a flipper, not a flopper!  And I like that.  It makes me feel like he’s not sticking his neck out so far for something that he’s not willing to compromise and see something better.  I believe it is admirable.  

His go at the Massachusetts health care reform was a great idea, although there were certain things that did not work and Romney admits to it.  But some things did!  98% of children are insured there!  Massachusetts tried what could and would maybe work for them.  Some things will work there better than it would say, Florida because of Florida’s older population.  Romney wants to let states decide to do whatever works best for them.  He hates the universal health care that Obama is trying to make happen.  As a state is alright but as a nation, it’s not good.  And I believe it is infringing on my rights.  You can’t force me to buy that insurance!  It's unconstitutional! 
And please understand that his role and responsibilities as the governor of Massachusetts is very different from that of the president.  And it needs to stay that way.  

Oh!  And let’s not forget that he was nominated as a republican governor in a very, very blue democratic state.  That says a lot to me; like he works well with others.  

Those are just a few things that really impress me about Romney.  But don’t take my word for it.  Please look at his website if you want to read more about him and his ideas. 

He’ll have my vote when it comes my turn to visit the polls soon.  

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  1. I found your blog recently and I am glad I did! My husband is in his 3rd year of residency and I was looking for other medical significant others blogs out there :-) This post caught my eye right away! I love how you included Kennedy's speech. I like Romney best out of the Republic candidates for sure, but haven't decided if I would vote for him in the general election. But if I didn't vote for him it would 100% have nothing to do with his religious views. It makes me crazy when people discount him simply because he's a Mormon. You said it perfectly.