Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Take It Back

Remember when I said third year bites?  I take it back.  Third year was a breeze.  Until now...

Mav is currently on an eight week surgery rotation.  Now.  This.  Sucks.  He's on trauma surgery during the nights.  It's fascinating.  He loves it.  Why wouldn't he or any other surgeon?  He's observing trauma surgeries at night in the homicide capital of the nation.  Yeah.  He sees some interesting things. 

Want to know what Squeaks and I don't see?  Him!  Mav's shifts are 6 pm to 6 am.  He sleeps till he wakes up.  At 4 pm I give Squeaks the all clear to wake up her daddy.  We normally get to see Mav for about an hour, or two if we're lucky.

So this surgery rotation does bite.  But I'm okay with it for now.  Want to know why?  I get the whole bed to myself!!  I can watch what I want to watch at night!!  I can make whatever I want for dinner!!  Squeaks and I have been eating super easy meals: cereal, waffles, grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I am having a Grey's Anatomy marathon.  You know, I have never watched it.  Never.  And I'm hooked!  And it's a good thing Mav isn't around to ruin this show for me.  Any medical show I used to enjoy is now ruined by him telling that this isn't possible or that isn't accurate. 

Anyway, I'm keeping my head up.  I'm enjoying my new freedom to do what I want to do.  But I do miss sleeping with Mav; I do need someone warm to put my freezing feet on at night.


  1. It seems like everyone is dealing with nights right now... it's a crazy schedule and we've been counting down!!

  2. I totally agree that the best part of night shifts is being able to watch medical shows without any interruptions and corrections!