Monday, November 7, 2011

I Chose This?

I ain't gonna lie.  Medical school is hard.  Wanna know what's harder?  Marriage.  Wanna know what's harder than marriage?  Probably marriage in med school.  

From day one, I knew Mav wanted to be a doctor.

I married Mav knowing exactly how brilliant he was.  I knew we had two and a half year left of his undergrad work.  I knew, one day, we would be in medical school.  I knew medical school was four years and then we'd have to survive residency, probably another three years.  I knew someday, he'd finally have MD following his name.  

But sometimes, I'm surprised I chose THIS. 

And then, I look back at this.

Yup.  I chose this.  I chose to marry a brilliant man.  I chose to support him in everything he does.  Through thick and thin.  Good times and bad. No matter what. 

I'm pretty darn happy I chose this.

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