Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Awesome Announcement

Another announcement??  YES!  We have another announcement.  This announcement is quite exciting too.  

We are expecting another baby.  It is due in August.  

And we're expecting a baby boy!
We are very excited.  Mav is thrilled to have some extra testosterone in the house.  I'm excited to go shopping, along with the rest of our family.  And Squeaks, when you ask her about her new baby brother, she looks at you funny and says, "No.  It's just going to me, Squeaks.  No baby brother."  We'll see how that goes.  

So.  Now, I'm sure all the typical pregnancy questions are running through your head.  

Have you been sick?  Nope.  Just tired, like I've-been-hit-by-a-bus-tired.  

How far along are you?  Almost 20 weeks.

Wait.  You're moving to Vegas?  Aren't you worried?  Nope.  We did this with Squeaks.  Remember?  I was six weeks from having her when we moved to St Louis.  This one will be fine.  We're actually closer to home and have about ten weeks to settle in before this little one could come.  

You had an emergency c-section with Squeaks.  What are your plans this time around?  I want to avoid a c-section.  The recovery sucked, big time.  I don't want to do that again.  My doc says as long as I go into labor on my own near my due date, he would love for me to try vaginal again.  Then again, I'll have a different doctor when we move.  We hope he/she will let me opt for that.  It should be fine because we'll be delivering at a large facility.

Did you have a feeling it was a boy?  No, I had no idea.  And neither Mav or I cared which it was.  We've had too many other things on our mind to think about it much too.  

Do you have names picked out?  I thought we did.  But now that we're actually having a boy, those names I thought I loved, I don't like much anymore.  We probably have a middle name picked out because it's Mav's and his dad's middle name.  May as well keep going with it right?  

When did you find out you were pregnant?  Just after Thanksgiving.  

Why haven't you said anything about the pregnancy?  Because you never know what could happen.  I'm a relatively private person too.  We actually didn't tell our families till Christmas when I thought I was almost out of my first trimester.  I wasn't nearly that far along though. 

Have you gained weight?  Nope.  I'm super proud of myself.  I didn't lose all my weight from Squeaks so I've been keeping a close eye on it.  I've been eating super healthy, for the most part, and going to the gym three-four times a week.  I've actually lost weight. 

Maternity clothes?  Are you wearing them?  Yup.  I'm wearing maternity shirts.  I can squeeze into my pre-prego shirts but they don't look flattering, you know.  I have to do the ol' ponytail holder trick on my jeans.  I can't quite do up my top button.  And I refuse to buy jeans when it should get hot here in St Louis any second now and I'm moving to Vegas.  I am not buying maternity pants!  I want to skip right ahead to shorts and capris. 

What's up with the blue balloon in the picture?  Well, Mav is on a rotation he really likes and he's the only student.  He didn't feel like it would be appropriate to take off and leave them hanging without someone there.  I was totally fine with this.  It gave us a reason to party.  We had a gender reveal party with our friends.  It was quite a party with 14 adults and  15 children under the age of five.  My parents skyped with us and some of Mav's family hung out on Google+ to see the big reveal.  So when I went to my appointment I asked the ultrasound tech to write the gender on a note in a sealed envelope.  I took said sealed envelope to a party store with a giant box and asked them to fill it with whatever color balloons for the gender.  Squeaks and I opened the box.  Blue and green balloons floated out of the box.  It was really fun.  And we are always in for a big party! 


  1. I really love the idea of you being surprised yourself, congrats! I can't remember if I found your blog recently through the Medical Bloghop, but I'm over at if you ever want to revisit the days of dating a med student ;)

  2. What a great idea to have the store put the balloons in a box! Too bad I am not having any more kids.