Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fighting Sucks

It has been one crappy week people.

It started with needing to register our car.  We thought it was going to be your typical routine thing.  Well, we were wrong.  We needed to replace a part.  It wasn't a big deal except it took Mav's entire Saturday morning off to do it.  Whatever.  We got it to pass.  That's what counts right?

Saturday night I was expecting him to be home from work around 11:30.  Instead, I got a call from him.  The way he sounded I thought someone had died.  And of course I thought the very worse.  Instead he started cussing that someone had busted his passenger window out.  At least we had already got our car to pass safety and emissions.  What Mav wasn't aware of was we had some serious wind blowing that night.  I think the wind picked something up to shatter his window.  That was something else that needed to be fixed.

Then today, we had a window guy out to fix a crack in my truck's windshield.  Instead of fixing it, it cracked more.  He said he couldn't fix it and wouldn't charge us.  Oh goody.  But now, we're going to need a new windshield.

Next week, we're driving cross country for away rotations. Gas prices are insane! 

We have almost maxed out our credit cards.

He's applying for residencies.  He'll be flying all over the country.  

We're poor. 

All of this equals to one big fight between me and Mav.

And me being up way too late...

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